What is the law in NJ regarding sexual assault?

Sex Crimes Lawyers in New Jersey are experienced sexual abuse lawyers who can defend anyone accused of sexual assault.In New Jersey, the term “sexual assault” is used for different sex crimes. These include sexual abuse, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, spousal sexual assault, and internet stalking, to name a few. Sexual assault is further defined in Chapter 14 of the NJ Criminal Code. Sexual assault includes unwanted or forced touching of a person’s intimate body parts. Penetration may or may not be involved for a person to be charged with sexual assault.

With crimes involving sexual assault, the evidence presented by the prosecutor is critical to obtaining a conviction. Considering this fact, it is crucial to any sexual assault defense to understand the rules of evidence. During a sex crime investigation, certain evidence must be gathered in a specific manner. If a person is being investigated or has been charged with sexual assault, it is in his or her best interest to retain the services of an experienced sexual assault defense lawyer as soon as possible. A sexual assault lawyer will be able to advise a person on how to handle the case.

The sentences for anyone convicted of a sexual assault charge are severe. A person convicted of a sexual assault crime of the 1st degree is exposed to 20 years in New Jersey State Prison. Other sentences may include monetary fines. One of the most restrictive penalties is the mandatory registration as a sex offender under Megan’s Law. That will involve community supervision for life.

How a sexual abuse lawyer can help the outcome of your situation

If you've been accused of sexual assault, a defense lawyer is essential.The first thing a person should do if accused of sexual assault is hire a lawyer experienced in sexual assault defense. These lawyers will understand the serious impact of the allegations surrounding charges of sexual abuse. A lawyer experienced in defending these matters will provide direction throughout the entire case. Click here to learn more about the sexual abuse attorneys at Sex Crimes Lawyers in New JerseySM.

An accusation of sexual abuse turns a person’s life upside down. It may mean the end of a marriage or parenting rights. The loss of a job is a serious possibility. Even the mere hint of this offense ruins lives. When a case involves sexual abuse, the defense must be competently handled by a sexual assault lawyer to minimize the after effects.

Contact the experienced sexual assault attorneys at Sex Crimes Lawyers in New JerseySM.

Retain experienced sexual assault lawyers

Sexual assault defense is one area of expertise for the attorneys at Sex Crimes Lawyers in New JerseyThe sexual abuse attorneys at Sex Crimes Lawyers in New JerseySM are well aware of the complexities surrounding sexual abuse cases. Their sexual assault attorneys are well-versed in the NJ sex crimes statues. That means they will handle these types of case with skill and vigilance. They understand the nuances involving the rules of evidence, chain of custody, witnesses, etc. As experienced sexual abuse lawyers, they seek to obtain the least restrictive penalties for their clients.

Sex Crimes Lawyers in New JerseySM welcome the opportunity to review your situation in complete confidence. Click here to schedule a no-cost consultation with one of their sexual abuse defense lawyers.


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